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User Guides.

Template walkthroughs, step-by-step.  

User Guide - Basics

A basic user’s guide that reviews all the essential functions you need to get started. Covers expense tracking, budgeting, and tracking your accounts.

User Guide - Expert

Ready to use the other functions on the template? Learn how to read and use the graphs and charts, track savings account and debts, customization options.

Other Resources.

  • There is a entire community of individuals who learns, teaches, and answers question regarding personal finance, check out Reddit/PersonalFinance
  • Learn more about how money works through professionally published articles and lessons: Personal Capital.

Start paying off your loans as soon as possible. This means if you’re able to contribute to a few dollars a month while you’re in school, you will face a much smaller loan once you graduate. Use the simple debt calculator on EGO, or a specialized calculator from Vertex42.com to plan ahead. 

Be frugal, save, and don’t live above your means – Millionaire Next Door.

Learn about the stock market, mutual bonds, high interest rate savings accounts, and Roth IRA. They are only some of the methods that allow you to make money with money.

The best resource is the UCSB Financial Aid Website. Explanations and qualifications for financial are all explained on the website. A key matter to remember is the communication method of the financial aid website: emails. Any changes made to your award letter – grants and scholarships, verification requirements, important general financial aid updates – are all communicated through email. Check your emails daily.