A Student Budget Tool




Ego - A student budget tool

Ego is the manifestation of your spending habits. Through the documentation of individual transactions, through manual input, or on-the-go Google Form submission, Ego organized the value of each transaction into easy to understand categories and visual charts. Designed to introduce students to the practice of budgeting, Ego provides the essentials functions a student would need to be financially sound.

The budget tool offers various tables and charts to better understand user spending and functions to encourage savings and track debts. Furthermore, the practice of budgeting is done through quarterly budgets, which can be further broken down into monthly budgets.

Easy of Use 80%
Design 75%
Compatibility 100%
Completion 35%


"This budget tool works considerably well. It mildly improves my understanding of my spending behavior."
Adam Jerard
UCSB Freshmen
"It's hard for me to remember all the transactions I make in a day, but the Google Form function of this tool saved the trouble to remember everything."
Mila Denware
UCSB Promise Scholar
"Complicated and overwhelming at first, but once I understood the few actions I need to do, the tool was really easy to up keep!"
Mike McDonald
UCSB Senior


> Video Walkthrough.

> Tips & Tricks.

Save Google Form to your mobile home screen

Open the Google Form on your mobile web browser and save the url to your home screen. Doing so allows you to submit your spendings on the go, which saves your time and energy.

Budget for each quarter, not for each month

The budget tab is designed for quarterly budgets. Drafting a budget for a quarter – three months at a time – better categorize your student life for each quarter. This is an efficient method to learn your behavioral habits.